12 Minutes Of The Same Noise Cant Be Wrong, Right? - poopoocaca - poopoocaca (File, MP3)

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  1. Nov 10,  · Actually it goes in each direction so it's twice every 20 minutes. 24 hours a day. The tracks run alongside the building, about twenty feet from the edge of the building, directly under my bedroom window. Sometimes, when it's running slowly, it's only very loud. When it's running at full speed, like it usually does, I can't describe how loud it is.
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    Mar 04,  · EDIT: found the answer to this one on page 8 of the manual (doh!) "Approximately five hours after the engine is turned off, you may hear sound coming from under the vehicle for several minutes. This is the sound of a fuel evaporation leakage check and, it does not indicate a malfunction" Just experienced a weird one.
  4. May 09,  · If the noise occurs when you are turning the wheel at low speeds, it is highly likely that the noise is coming from your power steering system.A whirring or or whining sound is a good indicator that your power steering fluid needs to be replaced or topped up.. If the noise occurs a normal driving speeds and is more a clunking or knocking sound, the problem likely .
  5. Sep 05,  · 10 hours ago, Kleng said: Im not gonna get into what I do or dont believe, but Im glad this has been addressed because Ive refrained from posting on this site for years for this exact reason alone. A decade ago this site used to be very receptive to open dialogue about a massive range of subjects.
  6. Jul 18,  · Contributors: Gino Sigismondi and Doug Totel The hum. The buzz. The crackle. Or no sound at all. While we're all familiar with the unwanted sound of, let's say, guitar amp feedback, there are other issues that are a little trickier to identify and eliminate.
  7. Sep 24,  · Srsly? Anybody got a audio file of it? At 9/24/07 PM, Raymoondo wrote: It might be possible, But with regular speakers for home use it is not even close to possible. You would need some serious hookups to get the right equipment.
  8. Apr 11,  · I Can't Stand That Noise The perception of noise and what we do with our reaction to it is what counts. By Nando Pelusi Ph. D., published April 11, - .
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