To Ginny

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    Ginny was pulled from her early morning dreams by her door creaking open, followed by soft footsteps on her threadbare rug. She turned from facing the wall .
  2. Ginny sped right towards Damien, who twisted out of the way just in time to avoid a collision. Harry and Ginny were side by side, the snitch in both of their sights. Ginny was gaining speed, her eyes trying to keep the small golden ball in sight. The snitch dashed all over the place, desperate not to get caught. Ginny saw Harry reach out to.
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    Harry ending up with Ginny makes sense in a lot of ways: she had a crush on him for years when they were younger, and she turns out to be funny, brave, and smart once she comes out of her shell. Harry is already friendly with the Weasleys, so there's no drama that comes with marrying into the family.
  4. Apr 16,  · Played by English actress Bonnie Wright in the Harry Potter films, Ginny grows from a vulnerable young lass into a fierce and formidable witch, becoming a valuable asset for the powers of Author: Cat Lafuente.
  5. Ginny turned around on the bed and rubbed one hand over Hermione's bare back. The coughing fit only lasted for a few moments before Hermione's eyes opened to see Harry standing before her. Confusion in her eyes, she looked over her shoulder to find a sheet-wrapped Ginny smiling at her.
  6. Ginny wakes early in the morning to find a very dormant Harry next to her. Wondering what time he actually came home and if she should wake him to wish him a good week and a goodbye. The thoughts quickly turn to wishing and hopes of how she wants himto come with her to the get-together and even still a hope of one day becoming a Mrs Harry.
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  8. Oct 24,  · Ginney/Guinea Italians pronounced "gi-nee." Came from "Guinea Negro" and originally referred to any Black or any person of mixed ancestry. This dates back to the 's. By the s it was being applied to Southern Italians and Sicilians, because.
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